About bonsche

bonsche raised up in a very musical family, so the boy started playing piano at the age of three and guitar at the age of nine. At the age of 16 he formed his first band with four school mates, where he sang and also played lead guitar and keyboard. Meanwhile he also formed a multitrack project with his best mate, composing own music and playing several instruments.
bonsche was inspired by many different artists, he was and still is a great fan of The Fixx – also Yello, Howard Jones, Mike Oldfield, Billy Idol, Kate Bush, The Sisters of Mercy, The Police, Kraftwerk, to name some, were a great influence.
After playing in several bands through the years, the demands of his job as an audio engineer for film and television raised, so he quit his band projects and started a solo project. In 2012 he was able to afford building up his own studio. He started recording his first solo project as “bonsche”.
In March 2018 he produced his first electronic track “Dark Mood”, followed by “Abandoned”, “Run Away”, “Arriving”, “Reckless”, “Tell Me”, “Wake Up” and “Just Me”. All of these are available at all important platforms. He also creates the covers for all tracks and found his own unique style, with black background and the subject in the center.
In 2019 bonsche released “I Don’t Miss You”, “OMG”, “Cry Baby”, “Fight For It”, “Hell-o?” and “Summertime Pie”.
“Fight For It” is dedicated to Fridays For Future, with their constant fight for climate and this world they are highly appreciated by bonsche.
The first release this year is “Go”, a very dynamic and driving track with several voice samples, it has over 50k streams on Spotify until now.
On 27th of March bonsche released “Gimme What Ye Got”, with what bonsche consequently goes on with energetic, sample-based and driving EDM, also with his next single “Getting Busy”. “Hive” – running with 123.45 bpm 😉 – is entirely made with Hive-2, his favourite synth from u-he. Only bonsches voice is added. “Eins, Zwei” is based on several vocal samples and released on the 9th of September. “Get My Money” is available since 16th of October and is the newest in line of innovative and unique EDM music. Enjoy!