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After what seemed to be an unmatchable year in 2020, bonsche certainly stepped up to the plate to make 2021 an even bigger and better year than what had come before. With releases such as ‘Stay (It Will Get Better)’‘Slow Down’, and ‘Movin Like A Lord’bonsche has been constantly releasing hit after hit and he has officially capped it off in the perfect way with ‘People In The Back’.

An artist who loves to blend authentic elements with electronic synths, bonsche takes a slight step away from that style to bring us a fully modular driven single. ‘People In The Back’ contains tons of rhythm and character, utilizing drum sounds with a high tempo but the main aspect is the darkly toned synthetic feeling that oozes from the get-go along with edited vocals that add depth. An artist always willing to step out of his comfort zone and give us something special, this single is yet another showcase of that talent from bonsche.

(Dylan Smith,

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