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This is my first concept album, until now I have only released single tracks. It is called “The Gap” and contains the tracks “Augmented”, “Diminished”, “Perception” and “Coda”. The bonus track is “The Gap (In One Go)”, where all the tracks are glued together. This album has in fact EDM elements, but is more Electronic Music than before, I am using several synths and voices (so my own voice in “Augmented”) and the tracks are connected with several elements which will repeat throughout the album in slightly different ways.

I am very curious how it will meet with your approval!


“Having spent the better part of the last couple of years releasing singles, Bonsche kickstarts his 2023 in an epic way by releasing his first ever album. Known for his electronic productions that blend both authentic and electronic elements, creating something that is truly unique, Bonsche ended 2022 on a high with the release of ‘Broken’, a single that would gain over 300,000 streams combined on Spotify and Soundcloud. Now with his sights firmly set on making 2023 his biggest year yet, the German artist unveils a 4 track album titled ‘The Gap’.

Containing 4 brand new singles, this album is the perfect showcase of the signature style that Bonsche has crafted for himself over the years. The album kicks off with ‘Augmented’, an almost 10-minute electronic single that Bonsche utilizes his own vocals in. ‘Diminished’ is then up next and this showcases a grittier and darker sound from the German. He follows that up with ‘Perception’, a somewhat lighter single that still holds dark elements while the break beat tempo brings a new element to the album. The album is then closed out perfectly with ‘Coda’, a synth-driven single that almost blends all of the elements that were introduced in the previous tracks. Each single being unique in its own way while also tying in together, this album is a gem from back to front, as is evident from the 28 minute mix of all tracks together that closes the album out.”

(Dylan Smith,

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