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“In a time where electronic dance music is very synth-based and computer-driven sound are at the centre of attention, the authenticity of instruments and sounds are hard to come across. One artist who is killing it right now in the world of electronic dance music and combining it with authentic sounds is bonsche. Having impressed with 7 releases in 2020 and now onto his 6th of 2021, bonsche is on fire lately and his new single is another perfect addition to his discography.

Movin’ Like A Lord’ is another piece of electronic goodness delivered by bonsche. Using authentic sounds and natural elements and combining them with some electronic flavour, the result is magic and is yet another testament to the talents of this hard-working artist. With constant drum sounds throughout, the rhythm and groove is never let down and when the other elements are added into the mix, the track is taken to the next level.”

(Dylan Smith,

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